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Why was the discord bot abandoned?

2 reasons:

1) Discord is a trash platform, it’s poorly written, messy, and basically gets all of its features from other (better) platforms.

2) (The Main reason): I decided to leave discord because of the above reason, because I can just use all the features from other platform, e.g. IRC.

Will the discord bot ever be revived?

Unfortunately, yeah. Discord is on the VoIP throne for gamers, and is a very good place to make a bot, as it has a lot of potential users. I do plan to port all commands from ChewbotccaIRC over to the discord bot, but since discordrb is a trash gem, I might have to find a way to rewrite it in a different ruby gem.

Can I contribute to the bot in your absence?

Sure! I still maintain the repository, feel free to submit a pull request and I’ll be happy to add it.

The discord bot is down on discord!!!

Cool. Let me know on irc.